Man arrested for murder in deadly car wash shooting

PHOENIX, AZ – Phoenix police have arrested a man in connection with a deadly shooting incident at a local car wash dating back to December 2023. The shooting took place near 44th Street and McDowell Road on the morning of December 16, where 40-year-old Brandon Smith was shot. Smith was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

At the scene, a car wash employee, William Murray, 30, was detained by the police. However, initial investigations made no arrests. That changed recently when Murray was taken into custody. Currently, he faces charges of second-degree murder for his involvement in the shooting.

Detailed in the court documents, the confrontation began when Smith and two other individuals experiencing homelessness were asked to vacate the car wash premises. Murray reportedly gave them 10 minutes to do so, and after the time elapsed, he began disposing of their belongings.

The business manager witnessed Murray removing the group’s items. Not foreseeing any issues, as the group was occupied fixing a bicycle, he felt their presence wouldn’t obstruct the business operations. However, things turned violent when Smith confronted Murray about his belongings, acting aggressively.

A physical altercation ensued, with Smith initiating by pushing Murray, who retaliated likewise, ultimately leading to Murray shooting Smith. Murray later admitted to the shooting but justified the act as a response to the threatening situation he perceived his life to be in.