Man accused of beheading relative and fleeing with it

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A 24-year-old California man, identified by his distinctive “420” tattoo, was apprehended in San Francisco on Saturday morning, suspected of decapitating a female relative and fleeing with her head, according to law enforcement officials.

Luis Aroyo-Lopez had been on the lam since Thursday when Santa Rosa police discovered a decapitated woman’s body in a residence. The specifics surrounding Aroyo-Lopez’s arrest have not been disclosed.

Santa Rosa police officers responded to a possible homicide report around 3:40 p.m. on Thursday at a house located on Pomo Trail. Upon arrival, they found a decapitated woman, with her head missing from the scene.

Aroyo-Lopez, a resident of Santa Rosa, was identified as a relative of the victim. It is alleged that he murdered her before absconding from the scene, police said.

Aroyo-Lopez, who sports a “420” and marijuana leaf tattoo on his head, was recently released from state prison. His past charges include assault with a deadly weapon and weapons possession. It was suspected that he may have fled the scene with the victim’s head.

The victim was identified as Aroyo-Lopez’s grandmother by family members. However, police have not confirmed whether the victim’s head was recovered following Aroyo-Lopez’s arrest in San Francisco.

Aroyo-Lopez has a history of violent offenses, including serving time for assault with a deadly weapon and weapons possession. These charges were not related to the recent homicide. He was under post-release community supervision after his recent release from prison, according to police.

Additional details about the homicide and Aroyo-Lopez’s arrest have not been released. Authorities said they would share more information at a later date.