Lisbon Airport Arrest Leads to Gruesome Crime Investigation

Airport Arrest Uncovers Gruesome Crime: Begoleã Mendes Fernandes, a 26-year-old Brazilian man, was apprehended at Lisbon Airport in Portugal for forgery of travel documents. Yet, authorities quickly uncovered something far more sinister when they discovered a plastic bag containing “pieces of meat” inside his suitcase.

The Politie Eenheid Amsterdam had been searching for Fernandes in connection to the murder of Alan Lopes, 21, in Amsterdam. Boevennieuws, a Dutch outlet, reported that Lopes was living with his mother and his sisters, who were not present in the home at the time of the murder. According to speculation, Lopes had taken in Fernandes who had been homeless prior to their meeting.

Moreover, Portuguese newspaper JN reported that police suspected cannibalism. An analysis of the meat found with Fernandes is being conducted in order to determine the origin of the remains. Additionally, Fernandes may have used a fake name and pretended he was from Italy, as evidence of identity forging was found in his possession.

The defendant presented himself at the Administrative Court of Lisbon, where he will remain in custody awaiting extradition to the Netherlands within a matter of five days. A source connected to the case confirmed to Fox News Digital that Fernandes had a plastic bag with “pieces of meat” that must be analyzed by law enforcement. The security staff at the Portuguese border reportedly detained him on suspicion of carrying the forged documents, including an Italian identity card and others.

Though much of the evidence is circumstantial, the presence of the meat, writing articles. Fernandes also allegedly had a bandage and clothing with “traces of blood” on him. This, coupled with the altered travel documents, has left authorities with enough reasonable suspicion to hold him in custody pending extradition.

Begoleã Mendes Fernandes, detained at Lisbon Airport, is suspected of murdering Alan Lopes in the Netherlands and fleeing through Portugal. The pieces of meat, forged documents, and other traces of blood, have raised the possibility of cannibalism in the suspects motives. The results of the tests of the meat found in his possession are expected soon, and it follows that Fernandes will remain in custody and will probably be extradited to the Netherlands within 5 days.