Large hotel explosion sends dozens to the hospital

FORT WORTH, TX – An unexpected blast at a prominent hotel in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, left 21 people injured on Monday afternoon, as reported by local officials.

The Fort Worth Fire Department was initially alerted to a structural fire at the Sandman Signature Fort Worth Downtown Hotel just after 3:30 p.m. Soon after, they received a flurry of calls reporting an explosion at the same site, shared Craig Trojacek, a spokesperson for the department.

A noticeable gas odor was detected in the area, but it is not yet determined whether this was the catalyst for the explosion or an aftermath of it. Trojacek suggested that the disorder might have stemmed from a gas leak, but this theory is yet to be confirmed.

Aerial footage painted a grim picture, showing portions of the building’s wall and parts of window frames blown out from the first and second floors. Debris, including insulation and window fragments, was strewn across the sidewalk and road.

The initial count of 11 injured was later updated to 21. Among the victims, one is in critical condition, four sustained serious injuries, and the remaining suffered minor injuries.

When the explosion occurred, 26 rooms at the hotel were occupied. Investigators are meticulously checking each room to ensure all guests are safe and accounted for. One guest, previously missing, has since been found.

Adam Woods, a valet at the hotel, recounted the sight of “smoke everywhere” and his proximity to the site when the explosion happened.

In the aftermath of the incident, Fort Worth police swiftly secured a two-block radius surrounding the hotel. All Tarrant County offices in downtown Fort Worth were shut down in the wake of the explosion.