Iran launches direct attack on Israel with drones

TEHRAN, IRAN – Iran has executed its first direct assault on Israel by discharging hundreds of drones and cruise missiles in retaliation for a recent strike on a diplomatic building in Damascus, Syria. The April 1st strike resulted in the death of a key member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards and eight other officers from Iran.

The operation dubbed “True Promise” initiated by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps included the launch of ballistic missiles, targeting specific locations in Israel. Israeli cities like commercial hub Tel Aviv, the disputed Jerusalem, and Dimona, known for its nuclear plant, were apparently targeted in this unprecedented attack.

The first onslaught reached Israeli territory around 2 am local time, with sirens and explosive sounds marking the attack. However, an Israeli army spokesperson, Daniel Hagari, confirmed on Sunday that Iranian strikes had merely caused minor damages to an Israeli base, contradicting Iran’s state media claims of “heavy blows.”

Drones and missiles launched by Iran were mostly intercepted outside Israel, but a few managed to reach Israeli territory. IDF spokesperson Avichay Adraee estimated that the total number of aerial units fired from Iran was roughly 200, with one report of minor injuries involving a child.

The U.S. president, Joe Biden, attributed Iranian assaults to its affiliative forces situated in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. He commended the U.S. armed forces for successfully neutralizing nearly all the drones and missiles launched by Iran. Biden returned to the White House earlier from his Delaware beach house to convene with his security team and planned to host a G7 leaders meeting on the same day.

Efforts to deter the attack and halt an uncontrollable escalation were in place with U.S. and UK forces aiding Israel in intercepting Iranian drones over Jordan, Iraq, and Syria. In the process, Royal Air Force fighter jets and refueling aircraft, taking off from bases in Cyprus, intercepted Iranian drones which entered the UK area of operations.

Jordanian forces reportedly shot down numerous Iranian drones moving towards Israel across the northern and central regions. The attacks were strongly rebuked by global leaders, with Saudi Arabia and Egypt, among others, appealing for restraint. Expressing deep concern over a potentially catastrophic escalation, UN secretary-general António Guterres urged all parties to exercise maximum restraint.

An emergent UN security council meeting was arranged for Sunday, prompted by Israel’s ambassador to the UN.