Husband Kills New Wife In Honeymoon Murder And Then Flees Without His Phone

Photo by Muhammadh Saamy on Unsplash

Tennessee pharmacist cremated in Fiji, husband charged with honeymoon murder – WTVC

The medical examiner found “multiple blunt force injuries around head and face” on the girl, and her family’s lawyer said she was repeatedly assaulted by her new husband.

Chen’s family was advised against embalming her body to send to the U.S. because of the severe wounds. They cremated her body on an open-wood funeral pyre.

Chen and Dawson were visiting the exclusive five-star resort for their honeymoon when Dawson took off under suspicious circumstances, according to police.

The newlyweds were heard arguing over dinner, and Dawson fled on a kayak to another island, leaving his wallet but not his phone or GPS watch. The following afternoon, staff discovered Chen’s body, which had multiple blunt trauma wounds.

Chen’s Facebook profile depicts a lighthearted woman who loved dogs and trained to run a marathon to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Gordon said the family is focused on the pending criminal trial at the Lautoka High Court. The family of the Tennessee pharmacist decided to cremate her in Fiji rather than bring her body home.

Dawson’s lawyer Iqbal Khan said he doesn’t see the elements of murder and that Dawson left the resort because he was shocked.

Dawson’s next court date is August 18, and his lawyer did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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