House fire leaves 2 adults and 2 kids dead

SEATTLE, WA- A tragic incident unfolded in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood when two adults, two children, and a dog were found dead in a burnt-out home. The Seattle Police Department reported that officers were dispatched to the residence around 8:40 a.m. following reports of a shooting and a distress call from an 11-year-old child who managed to escape the burning house.

Upon arrival, the officers found the house fully engulfed in flames. Despite their efforts to gain entry, the door was barricaded, preventing immediate access. Firefighters were then called to the scene, working diligently to extinguish the blaze while ensuring the safety of neighboring residents.

However, the severity of the fire posed significant challenges, forcing the firefighters to retreat and continue their efforts from a safer distance. It took approximately 45 minutes for the fire crews to subdue the flames.

Once the fire was under control, first responders made a grim discovery. Inside the charred remains of the home, they found the bodies of two adults, a child, an infant, and a dog. The bodies of the adults were found in different locations within the property, one near the front and the other towards the back.

The police have not yet confirmed the identities and ages of the victims, and the cause of the fire remains unknown. It is also unclear whether the 11-year-old survivor is related to the deceased victims. Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz emphasized the importance of supporting the surviving child during this traumatic time. He expressed deep sympathy for the child and the deceased, assuring that the department is committed to ensuring the child’s recovery.