Homeowner shot to death by intruder

TWIN FALLS, ID – Early on Thursday morning, a man from Twin Falls was fatally shot outside of his home. The police were alerted that a concerning disturbance took place around 2 a.m. on November 16, in the 800 block of Capri Drive.

The homeowner reportedly heard a disruption outside of his house. After hearing this, he went to confront an intruder who was already inside of his vehicle. Upon their arrival, officers discovered that the homeowner had been shot during the encounter with the intruder. The suspect fled away from the scene of the crime in a white truck at high speed.

Emergency services promptly provided first aid to the 32-year-old victim, unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries. The deadly incident is currently being investigated by authorities as a homicide.

The deceased victim has been identified as Fred Rodriquez, a married father of three children, of Twin Falls.

Matthew Hicks, Acting Chief of Twin Falls Police Department (TFPD), urged Twin Falls residents to stay cautious. While this incident appears to be isolated, the unknown suspect is considered armed and potentially dangerous. He added a recommendation for residents to avoid direct run-ins with potential suspects while gathering as much information as possible to quickly notify the police.

Authorities are encouraging anyone with relevant information related to the incident to contact Detective Jason Kelly.