Home intruder is shot by armed homeowner

LOS ANGELES, CA – A homeowner in an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood opened fire on a group of intruders Monday afternoon, injuring one suspect, according to police.

Authorities reported that the incident occurred around 3 p.m. in the San Fernando Valley’s Valley Village area. Two suspects allegedly broke into a residence on Addison Street, where they were confronted by the armed homeowner. The homeowner, using a semi-automatic handgun, shot one of the intruders twice.

The second suspect managed to escape before law enforcement arrived. Officers found the injured 25-year-old suspect inside the home and transported him to a local hospital, where he remains in critical condition. The homeowner, who was alone at the time of the break-in, also sustained injuries and was taken to the hospital. Police did not disclose the nature of his injuries.

LAPD Capt. Kelly Muniz, speaking at a press briefing, indicated that the home invasion appeared to be a random act. She noted that it was unclear whether the intruders were armed. “The occupant armed himself with a handgun and fired at the potential burglars,” Muniz said.

In response to the incident, police established a perimeter around the neighborhood and advised residents to stay indoors while they searched for the second suspect, described as an African American male in his early 20s. The search continued into the evening.

Muniz highlighted a troubling trend of increased burglaries across Los Angeles and urged residents to take preventative measures. “Knowing your neighbors and securing your windows are crucial steps,” she advised, emphasizing the importance of community awareness and safety.

This incident follows a similar event in April when a homeowner in Newport Beach shot a burglar inside a gated residence.