High school goes on lockdown after knife fight breaks out between students

A recent incident involving a pocket knife at a high school in Henry County prompted an emergency response and a temporary lockdown of the premises. The altercation, which occurred at Woodland High School, led to the swift involvement of the school resource officer, emergency medical services, and additional law enforcement support.

In the course of the event, one student sustained injuries from the pocket knife. However, the extent of their injuries has not been disclosed by the officials. The school authorities did, however, confirm that the student required medical attention.

The knife in question was seized, and the other student involved in the incident has since been taken into custody. Law enforcement authorities are now considering pending charges against the student.

Henry County school officials emphasized the gravity of the situation, reiterating that weapons and dangerous objects are strictly prohibited on school grounds. They assured that any such incidents will be met with an immediate and appropriate response. The officials also expressed gratitude for the patience and understanding of the community as they strive to maintain a safe and well-informed environment.

This incident follows previous concerns from parents in the area, who had reported a series of fights at schools within Henry County.

Stockbridge City Councilmember Elton Alexander expressed alarm at the escalating violence, citing graphic videos that had surfaced from the incidents. In response, the school district issued a statement that inappropriate conduct of any kind would not be tolerated and would face immediate, severe consequences.

As the investigation into the pocket knife incident continues, Henry County school officials remain committed to ensuring the safety of their students and staff.