Grad student dies after being stabbed at Planet Fitness gym

VALPARAISO, IN – Varun Raj Pucha, a 29-year-old graduate student at Valparaiso University, has tragically passed away after being stabbed in the head while at a local Planet Fitness last month. The gym is located close to the university where Pucha was studying.

Valparaiso University confirmed the loss of their student, who was on life support following the Oct. 29 incident, in a post on their Facebook page Wednesday morning. The University expressed its deep condolences, describing Pucha’s death as a “devastating loss.” They ensured continued support and assistance to his grieving family during these trying times.

Pucha’s cousin remarked that Pucha’s condition remained dire after the attack, showing slight movement on only one side of his body while remaining unconscious until his death in a Fort Wayne hospital. The student had limited family in the U.S., with most residing in India, including his parents.

A relative, Anile Balleboyne, stressed the depth of the tragedy, underlining that Pucha had arrived in Indiana about a year and a half ago with dreams of obtaining a solid education to support his family financially and emotionally.

Jordan Andrade, aged 24, is currently facing a murder charge in connection with Pucha’s stabbing. His legal representatives have requested a mental health evaluation to aid in his defense. As the case unfolds, law enforcement officials have yet to announce a definitive motive behind the attack.