Government Leaders Urged to Crack Down on Organ Harvesting

( – Protecting other humans from atrocities is essential for a civilized population. One situation gaining attention is forced organ harvesting, which many people allege occurs daily in China. Human rights organizations want the United Nations (UN) to enact a bill to develop a network creating international sanctions for the practice.

The proposed legislation makes it illegal to remove organs without consent. It also outlaws storing, transporting, receiving, funding, advertising, and profiting from the practice. Individuals providing surgical support for such activities also would face punishment under the bill.

Chair of the Legal Commission of Universal Declaration on Combating and Preventing Forced Organ Harvesting and attorney Theresa Chu said the need for such measures is urgent due to the international failure to address the severe human rights issue. She noted the prominent victims of these acts in China are people who practice Falun Gong or Falun Dafa. This spiritual practice uses meditation and moral teachings, focusing on truth, compassion, and tolerance. The Chinese Communist Party has worked to repress the group for decades.

Chu says she worked with members from the United Nations a decade ago on this issue. At that time, she had a petition with about 1.5 million signatures, including people from 53 different areas, asking the UN to condemn harvesting organs. She also presented information about camps where Chinese officials take people for organ harvesting. There was no action by the UN.

Leaders from around the world are now giving this issue some attention. They implore the UN to consider creating legislation to properly address the problem and say remaining silent about the human rights failure is not the correct approach.

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