Four dead bodies found near Cancun hotel

Four individuals were found dead near a hotel in Cancun on Monday, marking the latest episode of violence in the renowned Mexican tourist hotspot.Two people have reportedly been detained for their potential involvement in the deaths.

The victims, all of Mexican nationality, were discovered in the Benito Juárez municipality, where Cancun is located.

The secretary of public security, José Pablo Mathey Cruz, stated that the suspects are believed to be involved in the narcotics trade. Local security camera footage and collaborative efforts among local authorities contributed to their apprehension.

Initially, the prosecutor’s office reported the discovery of three deceased individuals, with an investigation subsequently launched. However, a fourth body was found later in the day.

A tourist in the vicinity at the time of the incident reported hearing gunshots around 10 a.m. local time. To ensure safety, those nearby were ushered into an office until the area was secured by authorities, including local police and the Navy.

A series of violent occurrences have plagued the Caribbean coastal region. For example, in early 2022, two fatalities resulted from a shooting at a Playa del Carmen hotel.

In light of these events, the State Department has advised travelers to exercise increased caution due to the risks of crime and kidnapping.