Florida teen stabbed in targeted knife attack by her ex-boyfriend

A celebrated high school softball player and her mother were victims of a severe knife attack in Florida. The assault was carried out by the teenager’s ex-boyfriend in an apparent act of retaliation.

The grim event transpired on a Saturday afternoon in the parking lot of Mr. Chubby’s Wings, a popular eatery located in Ponte Vedra Beach. The attack was premeditated and specifically aimed at the teenage girl and her mother.

The young victim, Madison Schemitz, and her mother, Jacki Roge, were dining with friends when they noticed the presence of the ex-boyfriend. The family identified him as Spencer Ross Pearson, an individual against whom Roge was seeking a restraining order. Ever since their breakup in April, Pearson had reportedly started stalking and intimidating Schemitz.

In an attempt to avoid confrontation, the 17-year-old Schemitz and her mother decided to leave the restaurant. No sooner had they started towards their vehicle than Pearson, 18, rushed at them with evident hostile intent. Based on accounts from the scene, Pearson grabbed Schemitz and proceeded to stab her repeatedly.

Roge intervened in an attempt to save her daughter, only to receive stab wounds to her forehead and leg. An onlooker, upon rushing to the aid of the victims, was also attacked by Pearson.

In the ensuing chaos, Pearson was disarmed by the bystander. However, he then started to self-harm, informing those present that he intended to end his life.

The aftermath of this brutal assault saw all involved rushed to the hospital. Schemitz’s injuries, in particular, were identified as life-threatening. She’s known in the local community as an emerging senior at Ponte Vedra High School, a distinguished athlete, and the sister to five siblings.