Florida police arrest man connected to murder of father killed in front of his 2-year-old daughter

On Wednesday, Florida authorities revealed an arrest in the unsolved murder of Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan that occurred in front of his then-2-year-old daughter almost one year ago.

Henry Tenon, 61, was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, second-degree murder, accessory after the fact to a capital felony and child abuse related to the incident which took place on February 16.

The evidence that links Tenon to the crime was not made public, but it was found that his most recent address was connected to Bridegan’s ex-wife, Shanna Gardner-Fernandez.

Tenon had been renting the home of 5239 Potomac Avenue in Jacksonville from Gardner-Fernandez’s second husband, Mario Fernandez, who bought the property in 2017 and sold it in October.

Jacksonville Beach Police Department Chief Gene Paul Smith and Melissa Nelson, State Attorney for the Fourth Judicial District, reported this major development in the case in a press conference Wednesday at the police department.

Bridegan’s widow, Kirsten, and brothers, Adam and Justin, were present at the announcement. Nelson commented, “We know that Henry Tenon did not act alone.”

Gardner-Fernandez and Fernandez continue to be suspects in the fatal shooting of 33 year old Bridegan, a source from law enforcement had said.

The father had recently dropped off his twins at Gardner-Fernandez’s house in Jacksonville Beach and was on his way home to St. Augustine when he noticed a tire in the road.

As he stepped out to move it, he was shot multiple times. Bexley, who was in her car seat, witnessed the murder. According to Smith, the tire was purposely put there to make Bridegan stop. He was killed in a cold-blooded manner.

The police chief thanked the public for providing tips on a dark blue Ford F-150 that was spotted near the crime scene, but did not comment on its link to the case. Authorities did not reveal any new information or answer any questions. Nelson indicated that the arrest warrant, which includes a description of the purported crime and will be kept confidential for 30 days.

Tenon, who had prior convictions for burglary, misdemeanor battery and traffic offenses, was arrested on August 18th for unrelated charges, including possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, driving with a suspended license and speeding, as per jail records.

Tenon has been detained since then at the James I. Montgomery Correctional Center, where he was given an arrest warrant for the murder of Bridegan on Wednesday morning.

Since their divorce in 2016, Bridegan and his former wife had been involved in ongoing litigation concerning finances and custody of their now ten-year-old twins.

In response to the divorce, the ex-wife asked a tattoo parlor employee if they knew anyone who could “shut him up”.

In reaction to the growing attention surrounding Bridegan’s murder, Gardner-Fernandez moved 2,800 miles to the Pacific Northwest as reported by Fox News Digital.

Her affluent parents, Sterling and Shelli Gardner, used an LLC to acquire a one million dollar residence for her in West Richland, Washington, as stated in property records. It was also noted that Fernandez did not accompany his wife on the journey, and had moved out of the Jacksonville Beach home they jointly owned a few weeks after the homicide, according to neighbors.