Five killed after bus veers off highway

LEIPZIG, GERMANY – A tragic incident unfolded on Wednesday as a bus, en route from Berlin to Zurich, swerved off the A9 highway near Leipzig, resulting in the death of five individuals. The accident also caused several injuries, prompting the deployment of rescue helicopters and ambulances to the scene.

In the aftermath of the crash, authorities shut down the A9 highway in both directions. The bus, which was operated by Flixbus, had been traveling from Berlin to Zurich when it veered off the road and landed on its side. The cause of the accident remains unclear.

Police spokesman Olaf Hoppe confirmed to n-tv television that there were “numerous injured and at least five dead.” According to Flixbus, the bus was carrying 53 passengers and two drivers at the time of the incident. The company is working closely with local authorities and rescue services to ascertain the cause of the accident.

The A9 highway, a significant north-south route connecting Berlin with Munich, was the scene of the accident. The incident occurred just north of a highway interchange at Schkeuditz, adjacent to the Leipzig/Halle airport.