FBI Investigating Young Woman’s Death On Cruise Ship

The FBI is actively investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a 44-year-old woman on a Caribbean cruise.

The cruise left Charleston, South Carolina on February 27th and the woman’s death likely occurred in the early morning hours of February 28th. The woman had been traveling with her husband and medical staff and crew members onboard made valiant attempts at reviving the passenger, but to no avail.

Upon the ship’s return to Charleston on March 4th, investigative officers from the FBI’s Evidence Response Team processed the passenger’s room.

It appears that the deceased woman’s husband disembarked from the cruise in Nassau on March 1st and the remains of the woman were also removed from the ship.

The FBI has maintained that the death was an isolated incident with the other passengers not being exposed to any form of danger before or after the woman was identified as unresponsive.

Although the details of the event remain sketchy, the agency confirmed that no one is in custody at the time and that an autopsy is being conducted as part of determining the cause of death.

The entire ordeal has been met with shock and concern by family members of the deceased woman, who nonetheless understand the FBI’s commitment to provide them and the public with closure.

As such, Carnival Cruise Line are fully lending their support to the investigation, clarifying that their role involves simply allowing the FBI to do their work in a manner that ensures the safety of all their passengers.