Father and daughter tread water for hours after their jetski sinks

A Florida dad and daughter were saved from a watery grave due to the combination of responsible behavior, luck, and quick action.

Last Saturday, Christopher Snow, 31, and his 13-year-old daughter Alexis went out on a Jet Ski from Baker Creek Park in Thonotosassa, but around 8 pm, Snow’s girlfriend, Carolyn Joyce, grew worried after not being able to contact them. Joyce then went to the dock and alerted Deputy Kevin Reich, who was on routine patrol at the time.

A helpful citizen and his family took Deputy Reich out onto the lake on their boat to look for the father and daughter, while waiting for the marine and aviation units to respond. After 40 minutes had passed since initially speaking with Carolyn Joyce, Deputy Reich managed to spot the struggling duo wearing life jackets far out in the lake.

On Deputy Reich’s body camera, Alexis could be heard screaming for help, as she was the first one to be pulled up onto the boat with a rope. Although they lost their Jet Ski luckily they had life jackets on and a swift response time saved them from peril.

Sheriff Chad Chronister responded with heartfelt relief, and commended Deputy Reich for his efficiency and the help of the community in locating the missing father and daughter: “We are relieved that they were returned to shore safely and without any injuries. It is scary to think what could have happened if they hadn’t been wearing life jackets.”

Christopher Snow offered a statement of gratitude for his rescuers and reminded those present about the importance of properly fitting life jackets: “My life jacket wasn’t sized properly, so this is a good reminder to make sure yours is fitted correctly.”