Family members apprehended in ongoing Florida murder investigation

SUWANEE, FL – In a shocking turn of events, three kin of a Florida man, whose life was tragically cut short in July 2021, were taken into custody last week. This development is part of the ongoing investigation into the man’s murder, as revealed by law enforcement.

The wife of the victim, David Rainey, Cindy Rainey, alerted the authorities about her husband’s disappearance on July 25, 2021, as per the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office. The Flagler County natives were spending a leisurely vacation in the Town of Suwanee when the 54-year-old man vanished.

The Dixie County Sheriff’s Office, having launched a missing person’s probe, found David Rainey’s lifeless body in a canal at the rear of the family’s vacation home later that day. The man had been brutally stabbed multiple times in the chest, and his body was disposed of in the water after his death. The official cause of death was declared as homicide.

More than two years into the investigation, three of Rainey’s kin were apprehended in connection to his murder. On Oct. 25, 2023, Cindy and Bailey Rainey were arrested in Bunnell, Florida with the cooperation of the Flagler County Sheriff’s office. Subsequently, the investigators moved to Orlando, Florida, where they arrested Jack Rainey with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office’s assistance.

The three suspects are currently accused of tampering with evidence. The sheriff’s office has yet to reveal if any of them were charged with the murder. The Dixie County State’s Attorney’s office has not responded to inquiries regarding the charges.