Estranged Husband Kills Wife, Daughters, And Mother

In the months leading up to the murder of his mother, wife, and two young daughters inside their $1.5 million suburban Chicago home, the Illinois man allegedly abused drugs, brought prostitutes home, and threatened to kill or disfigure his wife.

According to Buffalo Grove Police Chief Brian Budds, evidence obtained to date indicates that 39-year-old Andrei Kisliak is responsible for the deaths of himself and his four family members, found dead on Nov. 30 in their home on Acacia Terrace.

The victims were 4-year-old Amilia Kisliak, 6-year-old Vivian Kisliak, 36-year-old Vera Kisliak and 67-year-old Lilia Kisliak. According to Budds, Andrei Kisliak committed four homicides before killing himself.

Each of the five deceased was found to have died from sharp force injuries after autopsies.

In the weeks leading up to Vera Kisliak’s brutal death, court records show she allowed her estranged husband to move back into their home, WLS-TV reported. From July, when the couple started contentious divorce proceedings, Andrei Kisliak began increasingly menacing behavior toward his wife, according to court documents.

A court filing indicates that Vera Kisliak accused her husband of abusing drugs before she sought out of the marriage. He smoked marijuana daily, used cocaine, brought prostitutes into the family home, and played music late at night.

According to the filings, Andrei Kisliak followed her as she took their children to school, stole her car, and threatened to kill her “and disfigure her so that no one will recognize her.”

It was reported in August that the father refused to give his wife the keys to any of the couple’s four BMW vehicles so that she could drop their daughters off at school, and he refused to take the girls himself.

Vera Kisliak claimed her husband followed her as she arranged for a neighbor to drive them, “recording them, berating them, and yelling at them to take Uber.”

In court documents, Vera Kisliak’s lawyer stated that her husband threatened to kill and disfigure her, then later threatened to kill her family in Belarus and sister in Poland.

However, Vera Kisliak and her husband asked a judge to lift the protective order during a hearing on Nov. 1.

In a handwritten note on the order, Slavin stated, “The court strongly advised against this arrangement, but the parties wish to proceed by agreement.”

A call for a well-being check on an adult female led Buffalo Grove police to a single-family home in the 2800 block of Acacia Terrace at 11:12 a.m. Nov. 30. Upon arrival, police were unable to contact anyone inside the house, so forced entry was deemed necessary, and a sweep of the property took place.

According to the preliminary investigation, there were five deceased individuals, and this was a domestic-related incident. The investigation is still ongoing.