Driver fatally shot, crashes into light pole

LOS ANGELES, CA – A fatal shooting reportedly led to a serious car crash early Monday morning in South Los Angeles, causing the death of one man, according to local authorities. The unfortunate incident unfolded near a bus stop and a Jack in the Box restaurant in South LA’s Florence neighborhood, specifically at the intersection of W. Florence Avenue and S. Broadway.

It was approximately 6 a.m. when the victim’s vehicle, a white pickup truck, veered off the road and collided with a light pole after the shooting.

Upon arriving at the crime scene, emergency responders found the gunshot victim unconscious behind the steering wheel of his crashed vehicle. Despite their efforts to treat the victim, the man succumbed to his injuries in the ambulance while he was en route to the hospital.

Local law enforcement has yet to determine where the victim was shot, and no suspect descriptions have been provided at this time. In order to investigate, traffic was temporarily closed on Florence Avenue, spanning from Main Street and Broadway.

The scene is currently active with homicide investigation teams sweeping the area for bullet casings, potential surveillance footage, and any other evidence that could help elucidate the circumstances of the incident. No additional details were made available at the time of reporting.