‘Domestic-related’ shooting in Maryland kills two, injures two

A shooting occurred in Prince George’s County, Maryland, on Sunday, killing two people and injuring two others, including a child. The incident was described by authorities as a “domestic-related incident.”

The Prince George’s County Police Department (PGPD) received a 911 call at around 6 a.m. about a shooting, per police reports.

The responding officers went to the location, where they found two adults dead and two others with gunshot wounds.

Major David Blazer explained that the PGPD continued their investigation into the shooting incident after finding a suspect’s weapon. On the PGPD’s official account, he said on a video that no details about all the victims had been found.

“What we do know is that there was a gun used on the scene.”

David Blazer, Commander of PGPD’s Major Crimes Division

Blazer said several local residents were at their homes when the incident happened and investigators conducted interviews with them to find out what happened. He also ensured that the surrounding community is not at risk.

County’s first incident

Local resident Phyllis Williams said she was shocked to learn that a shooting took place in the Clinton neighborhood where she lives. She described Clinton as a “normally peaceful neighborhood.”

“It don’t seem real,” Williams said. “I met the mom to the young lady. She was very distraught. I just came out and gave them hugs. I said a prayer with them.”

According to reports, the PGPD concluded that the incident did not appear to be a “random” one. The investigators were working toward finding a possible suspect as well as a motive.

“Detectives of our Homicide Unit are investigating a fatal domestic-related incident that occurred at the 2500 block of Lazy Acres Road in Clinton,” a Twitter post from PGPD reads.