Deadly tornadoes leave 3 killed, 19 injured

OHIO AND INDIANA, US – At least three fatalities have been confirmed following severe storms and suspected tornadoes that ravaged parts of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana on Thursday night. Intense storms brought high-speed winds and potential tornadoes, triggering tornado warnings in Ohio that started at approximately 8:30 p.m. and lasted to around 10:15 p.m.

The tragic casualties occurred in Ohio’s Logan County. Reports of a “mass casualty event” relayed the heavy toll of the storms, with countless trees flattened and numerous homes severely damaged. The fatalities were confirmed in the communities of Lakewood, Midway and Orchard Island.

Mary Rutan Hospital in Bellefontaine, Ohio, treated 19 patients for weather-related injuries predominantly consisting of bone fractures and concussions.

Extensive destruction was also witnessed in Ohio’s Logan and Delaware counties as the storms caused significant damage to properties and infrastructure. The arrival of daylight will prompt the initiation of search and rescue operations.

The storms caused power outages, particularly Ohio’s Delaware County where lightning, downed power lines, and fallen trees wreaked havoc. Roads were closed, and school buildings and athletic fields suffered damage in multiple areas.

Simultaneously, the neighboring state of Indiana endured its own disaster, with severe injuries reported in the community of Winchester following a suspected tornado. State officials requested support from Indiana Task Force One for search operations.

Torrential rain and large hailstones added to the adverse weather conditions that troubled regions such as the St. Louis area. Worrying reports of tornadoes were received from Jefferson County, Missouri, and Monroe County, Illinois, though no immediate damage was reported. Trimble County, Kentucky, had about 50 structures, including residences, suffer significant damage.