Dad murders truck driver who struck and killed teenage son with his car

In North Carolina, a man is being charged with second-degree murder. He faces allegations of shooting a driver who struck and killed his teenage son. The incident occurred in Timberlake, a community located about 21 miles north of Durham. The suspect, Chad Woods, 41, was arrested at his residence following the shooting. Authorities have identified the deceased man as Jeffrey McKay, 39. The Person County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the details of the fatal encounter.

According to Sgt. Kevin Morris of the Person County Sheriff’s Department, the initial collision with McKay’s car unfolded early Monday morning. McKay struck Woods’ 17-year-old son with his Ram pickup truck on Dink Ashley Road. McKay immediately called 911 to report the accident, and emergency medical personnel later pronounced the teenager dead at the scene. The situation escalated when Woods allegedly shot and killed McKay shortly after the collision. He then drove McKay’s truck to his own residence, leaving his son’s lifeless body on the road.

Chad Woods is now facing a second-degree murder charge for the shooting and larceny of a motor vehicle charge for allegedly stealing McKay’s truck. Sgt. Morris mentioned that Woods has a criminal record, although further details were not immediately available. Authorities were able to track down Woods at his home after identifying the minor involved in the incident. Additionally, investigators are working to identify another person believed to have been present at the scene based on a voice heard in the background of the 911 call.

If convicted of second-degree murder, Woods could face a maximum sentence of life in prison. He would not have the possibility of parole, as per North Carolina sentencing guidelines.