Convicted felon kills man over fender bender in $4,000 vehicle

A 26-year-old convicted criminal, Patrick Destine, has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Distine’s alleged unlawful and violent behavior was captured on camera outside of the Nassau County Courthouse in Queens, New York.

The incident occurred Saturday evening, when a road hazard unfolded between Destine and 54-year-old David McKenzie. McKenzie was driving an old minivan, while Destine was driving an estimated $4,000 used car.

Witnesses reported that Destine ran a stop sign, crashing into McKenzie’s van. In an attempt to have a reasonable dialogue, McKenzie offered to walk away without calling the police. Unexpectedly, Destine reacted by beating the man to the ground, kicking him, and causing “severe head trauma” that resulted in the victim’s death.

Police later arrested Destine and charged him with DWI and second-degree murder. He also had a passenger, his 19-year-old girlfriend Aisha Pitt, who was charged with drug possession and lying to the police about her identity when they were taken into custody. Destine was denied bail, and has a prior criminal record related to attempted robbery and promoting contraband.