Chopped-up remains of missing mother found in Oregon landfill

The remains of a missing Oregon mother have been discovered at a landfill 70 miles away from her blood-stained home. The shocking find was made after an exhaustive search in the scorching summer heat for 49-year-old Kara Taylor, who had been missing since late July. Oregon City Police Captain David Edwins revealed that detectives spent three days meticulously combing through the Coffin Butte Landfill in Corvallis, with the assistance of the landfill company. They found body parts that matched Taylor’s DNA.

Jamon Fritsch, Taylor’s 47-year-old housemate, was arrested last week on charges of second-degree murder and first-degree abuse of a corpse. During Fritsch’s arraignment at the Clackamas County Courthouse, prosecutors disclosed that he confessed to dismembering Taylor’s body and disposing of the remains at various landfills to prevent their recovery by authorities. Taylor was last seen alive on July 25th at the Oregon City residence she shared with Fritsch and another friend. Fritsch reported her missing two days later. Taylor’s non-verbal, autistic daughter was left alone in the house during this time.

Given the suspicious circumstances surrounding Taylor’s disappearance, Oregon City police detectives initiated an investigation. On August 5th, a search warrant was executed at Fritsch’s residence on Jefferson Street, leading to the discovery of disturbing evidence indicating that Taylor had died as a result of “homicidal violence.” Blood was found in the bathroom, bathtub, and bedroom. Prior to reporting Taylor missing, Fritsch had made multiple trips to Home Depot, purchasing items such as zip ties, tarps, a saw blade, a black tote, and contractor bags. Deputy District Attorney Sarah Dumont revealed that Fritsch even referred to himself as a “danger.”

Taylor’s brother, Marcus Sanders, recounted one of his last conversations with his sister, during which she mentioned staying with Fritsch. Sanders expressed gratitude to Fritsch for taking care of Taylor. According to Taylor’s estranged husband, Dennis Taylor, Kara had moved in with Fritsch in July after their marriage fell apart due to her struggles with substance abuse. At the time, Taylor was unemployed and recovering from surgery. H

Investigators have not disclosed a possible motive for the brutal killing. Fritsch’s younger brother, Karl Fritsch, suggested that Jamon may have been suffering from undiagnosed mental illness. He added that he was not entirely surprised by his brother’s arrest, implying a history of concerning behavior.