Chicago driver violently attacked my mob of teens

CHICAGO, IL – A shocking incident captured on video reveals a group of teenagers vandalizing a Tesla as it attempted to escape a chaotic street takeover in Chicago over the weekend. The footage, shared on Twitter, shows several young men sitting on top of the Tesla, posing for photos on their cellphones. The driver honked and slowly moved forward in an apparent effort to get them off his car.

As tension escalated, the group began banging on the car’s hood, prompting one person to exclaim, “Oh s–t.” Subsequently, the individuals started covering their faces with ski masks. The video then shifts to two other vehicles engaging in reckless maneuvers on the opposite side of the road, with nearly 100 teenagers spectating.

Taking advantage of the distraction, the Tesla driver tried to navigate through the crowd, potentially colliding with one person who can be seen rolling on the ground after the car passed by. In response, the group attempted to chase the vehicle, which scraped against a parked gray sedan while making its escape.

As the mob approached the Tesla, shouts of “F–k this car up” and “What the f–k, bro?” filled the air as they started kicking the vehicle. Meanwhile, the driver filmed the unruly crowd from inside. The video then zooms in to reveal the driver, sporting a black beanie, with another individual in the passenger seat. The driver chose to reverse at this point, with at least one hooded person punching at the window.
Subsequently, the vehicle accelerated forward, again brushing against a gray sedan in its attempt to flee the chaotic scene. At this point, the side-view mirror of the Tesla was hanging by a thread.

Another video from the incident shows a hooded individual jumping over another car to punch out the driver’s window. After the Tesla sideswiped a car, it continued forward as the unruly crowd once again tried to give chase. A police officer at the scene instructed the teenagers to “back it up, back it up.”

The camera then panned to reveal several other police officers observing the situation as the white Tesla managed to break free.
A statement from the Chicago police confirmed that a 33-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman were inside the vehicle when they were approached by unknown individuals who began damaging the car while the victims remained inside. The male driver attempted to flee with the vehicle, ultimately striking another sedan.

The area where the incident occurred is known for car demonstrations characterized by high-speed driving and excessive noise. Despite the chaos, no injuries were reported, and as of now, no arrests have been made, as police continue to investigate the incident.