Cannibal Killer Who Ate His Victim’s Testicles Pleads Guilty To Murder

Man who killed Kevin Bacon, 25, ate his testicles, charged with 1st-degree murder – KATU

A Michigan man who pleaded guilty to killing another man and hanging the mutilated body from a ceiling will face life in prison without parole after a judge said it was premeditated murder.

Mark Latunski pleaded guilty to murder and mutilation of a dead body. He was found guilty of 1st-degree premeditated murder ahead of his sentencing set to be held at a later date.

Kevin Bacon, the victim, met a gruesome ending at the hands of Latunski. He was stabbed, slit his throat, and hung with a rope from the rafters. Latunksi also admitted to police that he cut off a portion of Kevin’s genitalia and ate it.

Kevin Bacon’s father said that the details surrounding his son’s death “shows he had a dark side,” but that those who knew him “knew his good side”.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first suspicious incident of violence that Latunski has ever caused. There was another man that had escaped Latunksi’s home and ran to find a neighbor for help.

Neighbor Michael Parks said he encountered the man, who was covered in blood, on his front porch. He had purple hair, a leather skirt, belts across his chest and a braided beard. He approached Parks and screamed at the top of his lungs, ‘he wants to hurt me, he wants to hurt me’.

Michigan State Police arrived within minutes and took the bleeding man with them, but no charges were ever filed against Latunski for that incident.

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