California Man Shot While Sitting In His Car Talking On Facetime

Over the weekend, a California man was shot and killed while on FaceTime with a friend outside a party.

Vincent Heredia, 26, was shot and killed Saturday night outside a party in San Bernardino, California, while he waited for a female friend outside the party.

A friend on the call told the family he saw a Latino man pull open Heredia’s car door.

According to Heredia’s family, the shooting may be connected to an earlier dispute with girls ex.

“She had a baby daddy, and he fought with my son,” Heredia’s father, Mario Melgoza, explained. “I think the guy wanted revenge.”

“He was a wonderful brother and a good person, and he didn’t deserve this,” Adrina Melgoza, Heredia’s sister, said.

In addition to his dreams of going to college and becoming a parole officer, Heredia lived with his family and had recently been promoted to a security guard position at Ontario Airport.

Several witnesses are believed to have witnessed the shooting, and the family is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the killer.

“I’m a mom. I want to know what happened to my son. If anybody knows, I want to know,” Heredia‚Äôs mother said. “Because I know my baby would want that too.”

Ontario California, where the shooting occurred ranks in the bottom 18% of cities for safety. However, it is still less likely to be a victim of violent crime there than in California in general where the odds are 1 in 227 per the stats tracking website neighborhood scout.