Bizarre burglary suspect arrested after dousing himself in grease, oil, and jumping on trampoline

A bizarre burglary incident unfolded in DeBary, where a suspect covered in grease and oil broke into two occupied homes before being apprehended by deputies. The suspect, 34-year-old Blake Tokman, was discovered in the early hours of Friday morning after police responded to a burglary report at a Highbanks Road residence.

Tokman had smashed the windows of one house to gain entry before moving on to another home. Both residences were occupied during the break-ins.

The first deputy on the scene found Tokman naked and located in the backyard of the second house. The suspect attempted to flee, jumping into a swimming pool before climbing out and landing on a trampoline.

Despite lying flat on the trampoline, Tokman resisted the deputy’s efforts to handcuff him. Covered in wheel bearing grease, peppermint oil, and blood, Tokman appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. It ultimately took four deputies to apprehend him, and an additional three medical professionals were required to secure him on a stretcher. He was evaluated and treated for self-inflicted injuries.

During the incident, Tokman attacked three deputies. One of the responding officers sustained a laceration to his arm. This unusual case highlights the unpredictable nature of criminal activity and the challenges faced by law enforcement officers in their efforts to keep communities safe.