Biden Rejects Rocket Request From Ukraine

Biden rejects Ukraine long-range rocket request as Russia advances – New York Post

The United States will not provide Ukraine with advanced missile systems that can hit targets inside Russia, President Biden said Monday. Several foreign leaders have spoken in support of providing the weapons, but the US is concerned about Russia escalating.

The US has decided not to send long-range rocket systems to Ukraine, despite repeated urges from Zelensky and US lawmakers.

After an initial offensive failed to gain control of Kyiv, Moscow has turned its attention to seizing the industrial Donbas region in Ukraine’s east.

Russian troops pushed deeper into a key eastern Ukrainian city on Monday, shelling parts of Ukraine’s northeast and fighting for control of a southern region. The battle has left Sievierodonetsk in ruins, and Ukraine’s president said Russia had prevented the export of 22 million tons of grain.

Russia says sanctions are to blame for the growing food crisis in Africa. Ukraine says Russia is stealing at least a half-million tons of its grain. Crucial to the world supply.

The EU approved additional sanctions on Russia in an effort to punish and divide the West over its support for Ukraine. This sent oil futures trading way past recent highs pushing north of $120 per barrel which is going to cause major demand destruction in the economy for driving and airfare.

Russia ramped up its actions on the battlefield, destroying critical infrastructure and destroying 90% of the buildings in Sievierodonetsk, the last pocket of Ukrainian government control in Luhansk. The city’s mayor said 12,000 to 13,000 residents remain.

A French journalist was killed Monday while covering Ukrainians evacuating the area, according to his employer, BFM TV.

Russian troops are pushing toward Lysychansk and Sievierodonetsk, and have killed a journalist and two civilians in the latest shelling, Luhansk Gov. Serhiy Haidai said. One civilian was killed in the latest shelling in Kharkiv.

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