Baby Overdoses On Fentanyl After Playing In The Grass At Public Park

A 10-month-old baby was exposed to fentanyl while playing at Moscone Park in San Francisco’s Marina District.

The pediatric patient was found in cardiac arrest at this public park. Medics performed life-saving measures and revived the patient, who was transported to a local emergency room.

The baby’s father posted on Nextdoor that his son accidentally ingested fentanyl and “barely survived”. The toxicology report shows the child was given Narcan to reverse an opioid overdose and prevent death.

The parents say the baby usually plays in the grass at the park where he was exposed to the deadly drug. They credit both their family nanny and the fire department’s quick response to help save the child’s life. The fire department was on scene within two minutes of receiving the initial call for help.

The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department said staff cleans up the children’s play areas and restrooms at Moscone Park at least three times a day. The police department is increasing their foot patrols and their visibility in the area, and the park is also being closed as a precaution.

Police say they still don’t know how the child got exposed to fentanyl. However,  those who frequent the park say it’s not uncommon to see people doing drugs there.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that has become popular for recreational use in San Francisco. It is sold as a powder and may have a similar appearance to stimulants like cocaine.

Exposure to this drug has become a common occurrence in the city of San Francisco. In 2021, fentanyl was detected in the blood streams of 474 people who died of overdoses in San Francisco.

The exposure prompted strong reactions from the city’s elected officials, who called for a tougher law enforcement response to drug crimes.