Arrest made in lethal shooting of 12-year-old boy in Boston

A 22-year-old man has been taken into custody and is facing multiple firearms-related charges in connection with the lethal shooting of a 12-year-old boy in Boston’s Mattapan neighborhood. The suspect, Walter Hendrick, was arrested on Thursday and is scheduled to be arraigned on Friday morning. The incident occurred inside an apartment house on Fessenden Street, where the young victim was found with a gunshot wound. Despite being rushed to the hospital, the boy sadly succumbed to his injuries.

Walter Hendrick, a resident of Mattapan, was apprehended by the police and is now facing charges of unlawful firearm posession, unlawful possession of ammunition, and improper storage of a firearm accessible to a minor. The suspect is set to appear in Dorchester District Court for his arraignment. The authorities have not disclosed any further details regarding the circumstances leading up to the arrest or the evidence against Hendrick.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu expressed her deep sorrow over the tragic loss of a young life to gun violence, particularly during a time when children should be enjoying their summer. She emphasized the devastating impact this incident has on the victim’s family and the community as a whole. Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden assured the public that there is no ongoing threat to their safety, as the shooting appears to have taken place within the confines of the apartment building.

Boston Police Commissioner Michael Cox urged residents to surrender any firearms they possess, especially those that are illegal or unregistered. He emphasized the city’s commitment to combating gun violence and called on the community to support their efforts by turning in any weapons that could potentially cause harm.

Investigation and Support: Law enforcement officials, including Boston and state police, were seen at the scene of the shooting, conducting a thorough investigation. The neighborhood surrounding Fessenden Street was canvassed, and authorities were observed entering and exiting the apartment building. The Walker Playground, located nearby, had a section of its basketball courts cordoned off with police tape. Emotional support is being offered to those affected by the incident through the Boston Neighborhood Trauma Team, which provides free and confidential assistance 24/7.

As the investigation continues, the motive behind the shooting and the relationship between the suspect and the victim remain unknown.