6-Year-Old Boy Vanished After Giving His Mom Cryptic Messages About Disappearance

Miami-Dade boy who vanished a month ago warned mom: ‘Bad people trying to take me away’ – WPLG Local 10

A Florida Department of Law Enforcement Amber Alert was issued for 6-year-old Jorge Morales, who vanished on Aug. 27 in Miami-Dade County. A vehicle abandoned in Maine may be a clue.

‘Jojo’ Morales, 6, has been missing from Miami-Dade County for a month. A sports utility vehicle found in Maine near the border with Canada may have been used to smuggle Jorge.

Jorge’s mother, Yanet Leal Concepcion, told police officers that she and his father, Jorge Morales, had been involved in a custody battle. The boy was last seen at his mother’s home in Miami.

The mother of the boy went to pick him up the Saturday before his disappearance, but the apartment was empty. Police believe the boy may be in Maine or Canada.

Detectives believe Morales, 45, planned to abduct Jorge, 4, for about a year. Jorge began making cryptic comments to his mother and wanted to go with his father to live off the grid.

Billboards of the little boy are up everywhere as the Amber Alert remains active. He is believed to be with his grandmother and father despite their lack of custody rights over the boy.

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