Fake DoorDash Driver Attempts Break-In With Group of Robbers

Montgomery County authorities are currently searching for a group of suspects who allegedly attempted to break into a home while posing as food delivery drivers earlier this month. The incident took place in the Harmony subdivision in Spring, on Emerald Vista Drive.

On March 5, at around 1:20 a.m., a woman approached the front door of a residence, claiming to be a DoorDash delivery driver, as per investigators. She remained at the front of the house until approximately 2 a.m.

During her time at the front of the property, four male suspects entered the backyard and attempted to break into the home, authorities reported. Although the suspects were unsuccessful in gaining entry, they caused damage to the home’s exterior.

There is a large floral tattoo on the female suspect’s right thigh, as well as another floral tattoo on her wrist. The male suspects in the backyard reportedly wore light-colored hoodies. The group left the scene in a dark-colored sedan.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is requesting assistance from anyone with information to aid in the ongoing investigation.