3-Month-Old Baby Kidnapped, 3 Suspects in Custody

San Jose Kidnapping: 3-Month-Old Baby Found, Suspects in Custody – NBC Bay Area

In a shocking turn of events, three suspects took a 3-Month-Old Baby from an unsuspecting Grandmother in San Jose, California.  Fortunately, with the rapid response of the San Jose police department, FBI, and statewide alert broadcasts, the suspects and the baby were found.  The grandmother only left the baby boy Brand Cuellar for two minutes while she went from her apartment to get groceries from her car.  The kidnappers entered her apartment, took baby Brandon in a car seat, and covered it with a blanket while walking away as the baby belonged to them (all captured on security camera).

Police believe the suspects have a connection to the family, but they do not currently know what that connection is.  The FBI was brought in to assist via the Child Abduction Team, and police and agents went door-to-door asking for witnesses or any information that could help.  “Nobody went home yesterday… Thank you, FBI.”  San Jose Police said on Tuesday.

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