Youth pastor arrested for filming women as young as 14 in showers and bathrooms

A South Carolina pastor has been arrested and charged with six counts of exploitation and voyeurism involving minors. 35-year-old Daniel Kellan Mayfield, the youth pastor of First Baptist Gowensville Church, was taken into custody last week following an investigation that began in May and uncovered numerous alleged recordings of minors in the church restroom, with some victims as young as 14 years old.

Mayfield admitted to investigators that he had filmed a woman in the shower at her mother’s house and was found to have in possession recordings of minors in various stages of undress in the church restroom. Upon learning of these allegations, church officials immediately notified authorities and Mayfield was terminated from his youth pastor position.

The church released a statement expressing their dedication to providing a safe worship environment and their commitment to protecting all persons involved in their events. Mayfield was denied bond and is scheduled to return to court for a hearing within 30 days. Police have stated that church leadership was unaware of the former youth pastor’s alleged activities, and he likely acted alone.

The arrest of Daniel Kellan Mayfield has left the congregation of First Baptist Gowensville in shock and disbelief, emphasizing the importance of providing a secure and safe environment in all church events.