Young Girl Accidentally Shoots Grandmother in Moving Vehicle

In a disturbing incident in Florida, a 6-year-old girl reportedly shot her 57-year-old grandmother while they were in a moving vehicle. According to the North Port Police Department, the child got hold of the grandmother’s gun, which was tucked in a holster in the back pocket of the driver’s seat, and accidentally discharged it, striking the elderly woman in the lower back.

The North Port Police Chief, Todd Garrison, has emphasized the crucial importance of gun safety in light of this incident. He stated that the incident “could have been much worse, not only for the grandmother, but for the child.” However, he noted that everyone is expected to make a full recovery.

The grandmother drove herself home and called 911 for help. She was then airlifted to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. Authorities have determined that the discharge was accidental after interviewing the girl and other involved parties. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.