Would-be armed robber thwarted by ice

Gainesville Police report that a Georgia man attempted to rob a business in the early hours of Christmas morning but was fended off by employees, who sent him slipping on ice and hitting his head.

An armed robbery and aggravated assault charge have been filed against Luis Sajbocho-Ordonez, 30.

Around 1:00 a.m. on Christmas morning, police described the incident as a “scene from Home Alone.”

It is alleged that Sajbocho-Ordonez was hiding behind a Gainesville, Georgia, business when he pulled a gun on an employee who was walking outside.

Sajbocho-Ordonez allegedly fired a shot after another worker exited the building and spooked him, resulting in a physical altercation.

Witnesses were able to remove two guns from Sajbocho-Ordonez until police arrived and took him into custody. After failing to escape, Sajbocho-Ordonez hit his head on a frozen patch.

There were no injuries caused by gunfire.

“Thankfully, no serious injuries were sustained, and the perp was arrested,” the Gainesville Police Department reported.