Woman murders man for not cleaning up after himself

YBOR HEIGHTS, FL – Disputes over cleanliness turned deadly as resident Patricia Whitehead, 71, was arrested for allegedly murdering a man with whom she shared her home. The Tampa Police confirmed that Whitehead felt infuriated by what she perceived as the man’s lack of hygiene and tidiness, motivating her to act out in violence against him.

The incident occurred on Thursday morning around 9:30 am in Ybor Heights, a neighborhood in Tampa, Florida. When officers arrived at the scene, they found a man who was suffering from severe trauma to his upper body. The man was quickly taken to a nearby hospital to receive treatment, but despite professional medical intervention, he failed to survive his injuries.

Initial investigations reveal that the suspect, Whitehead, got upset with the man for not cleaning after himself. She became incensed when she heard the door slam as the man was exiting the residence. In response, she reportedly retrieved a firearm from her bedroom, confronted the man, and shot him several times.

Subsequently, police officers took Whitehead into police custody. She has been officially charged with first-degree murder and is currently detained in jail.

Tampa police have yet to release further details about the case.