Woman found shot at hotel, suspect caught

HOLLYWOOD, FL – A dramatic scene unfolded in Hollywood, Florida, when a woman from Miami Gardens allegedly shot her longtime girlfriend at a local hotel, leading to her arrest. The incident took place at the La Quinta Inn & Suites on North 26th Avenue, just after dawn on Monday.

The victim, along with several witnesses, alerted the police about the shooting. One bystander saw the victim tumble out of her Nissan Maxima, having been shot. The victim, critically injured with gunshot wounds to her chest and back, identified Takya Forcer as her assailant. She was subsequently rushed to Memorial Regional Hospital.

After interacting with the police, the same witness spotted Forcer at a Marathon gas station on Sheridan Street. Forcer had apparently changed her attire by this time. The witness informed the police, who then apprehended Forcer at the gas station.

Forcer revealed to the police that she had been romantically involved with the victim for about twelve years. The couple had been embroiled in disputes since their check-in at the hotel the previous day. Forcer claimed that a struggle ensued when the victim tried to leave the hotel.

Forcer, who was reportedly clad in a black jacket and ski mask during the incident, alleged that she saw her girlfriend reaching for a spot where she usually keeps a gun. Forcer contends that she grabbed the gun first, which then accidentally fired. She also claimed that her girlfriend instructed her to “take the gun and run.”

Forcer is said to have discarded her jacket, ski mask, and the gun’s magazine while fleeing the scene. These items were later found by the police near Oakwood Hills Park, on the path to the gas station where Forcer was arrested. As of Wednesday afternoon, Forcer was being held without bond at Broward’s Paul Rein Detention Facility, facing charges including attempted murder.