Woman and her 2 babies killed by former boyfriend who was found guilty for their murders

A 42-year-old man has been given three life sentences with no chance of release. He received this sentence for stabbing one of his partners and causing the death of their two young sons in 2012. The bodies of the two kids have never been found.

Shazer Fernando Limas, 42, of Orange, was found guilty on December 14, 2022 of three counts of first-degree murder for killing 31-year-old Arlet Hernandez Conteras and 16-month-old Fernando Hernandez Limas and 2-month-old Emanuel Hernandez Limas.

On December 14, 2022, 42-year-old Shazer Fernando Limas was convicted of three counts of first-degree murder. The children who died were Fernando Hernandez Limas, 16 months old, and Emanuel Hernandez Limas, 2 months old.

On what would have been his son Fernando’s 12th birthday, the jury found Limas guilty of causing their deaths.

Between either April 13 or 14, 2012, Limas brutally stabbed Contreras- additionally resulting in the deaths of the two children. On the following day, Limas called his new partner to inform her of a physical altercation he had been. His hands were evidently injured in the fight, so he lied and said he was injured in a fight while he was with his friends.

For a period of ten days, Limas neglected the corpses of Conteras and the boys, leaving them to decompose in a balcony cupboard while he continued to frequent dance clubs, hire limousines, and even allowed friends to enter his home.

Limas later placed Contreras’ body into a chest and drove a U-Haul, rented in another’s name, to an industrial area in Los Angeles County. Once the body was disposed of, the U-Haul was driven an additional 100 miles. It is believed that the bodies of 16-month-old Fernando and 2-month-old Emanuel were discarded during this time.

Orange police apprehended Limas after a pursuit on the 405 and the 5 freeways at a swift rate. Contreras’ cellphone was inside his automobile while he was taken into custody.