Wife killed in shootout with armed robbers during home invasion

HOUSTON, TX – A violent incident unfolded on Houston’s east side as a woman lost her life during a violent attempted robbery when two men invaded her family’s apartment overnight. According to the police, the fatal shooting occurred shortly before 10 p.m. on a Sunday, at an apartment complex situated in the 12200 block of Fleming Drive, close to Federal Road.

Upon responding to a shooting call at the complex, Houston police discovered shell casings scattered in the parking lot. Their investigation led them to one of the apartments within the complex, where they found the lifeless body of the woman, who had been fatally shot.

The woman’s husband was present in the apartment when the shooting transpired. He informed the police that he had encountered the two men who attempted to rob them previously, although the nature of their relationship remains unclear. Investigators revealed that during the attempted robbery, the woman fought back and exchanged gunfire with the intruders, ultimately leading to her tragic demise.

Eyewitnesses reported that the suspects entered and exited the apartment multiple times. At one point, the husband pursued the intruders outside the apartment, prompting them to fire shots in his direction. Subsequently, he re-entered the apartment to provide care for his wounded wife. The husband himself remained unharmed throughout the ordeal.

It was revealed that two young children resided in the apartment but either arrived later or were outdoors when the shooting unfolded. They escaped the incident without experiencing any physical harm. As of now, Houston Police Department has not released a detailed description of the two suspects involved in the tragic event.