Victorville shootout: veteran sergeant wounded, suspect killed

VICTORVILLE, CA – An intense shootout at a Victorville gas station resulted in a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s sergeant, a 16-year veteran, being shot twice on Friday afternoon. Despite the severity of the situation, authorities have confirmed that the sergeant is expected to fully recover from his injuries.

Sheriff Shannon Dicus of San Bernardino County expressed relief and optimism during a press briefing on Friday evening, assuring that the sergeant’s injuries to his thigh and shin were not life-threatening.

The violent confrontation unfolded at a gas station on Bear Valley Road in Victorville. The sergeant, whose identity remains undisclosed, was wearing a body camera at the time of the incident. Additional surveillance footage from the gas station is also available for investigators to scrutinize.

The incident was triggered by a distress call reporting a man threatening a woman with a gun. The suspect initiated the gunfire against the sergeant, who responded in kind, leading to the suspect’s demise.

Following the altercation, the wounded sergeant was airlifted to a hospital for immediate medical attention.