Two teens killed over vape pens

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FL – A grim scene unfolded in Indian River County’s Vero Lake Estates neighborhood as two young men, both 19, were shot and killed. The victims, Joseph Cardella of Melbourne and Logan Thompson of Palm Bay, had reportedly journeyed from Brevard County with the intent to sell THC vape pens valued around $3,000.

The incident occurred on a Monday afternoon, with investigators discovering cash strewn around the victims’ bodies. This discovery led them to surmise that the shooting was linked to the drug trade. Neither victim was armed, and no weapons were found in their vehicle or on their person.

Sheriff Eric Flowers announced the arrest of a 17-year-old male from Fellsmere in connection with the double homicide. The identity of the suspect, who now faces murder charges, is being kept confidential due to his age. He has not been charged as an adult at this time.

According to Sheriff Flowers, the suspect arrived at the scene armed and began shooting. A witness to the crime was later taken home, where he informed his parents of the horrific event. The witness was then brought to the police station by his parents, where he helped detectives locate the murder weapon.

While the suspect has claimed self-defense, Sheriff Flowers pointed out several discrepancies in his account. He lamented the senseless nature of the crime, remarking, “These two guys are dead over vape pens. It’s crazy.”