Two students stabbed at high school, teen suspect arrested

In a shocking incident at Countryside High School in Clearwater, two students were stabbed on Thursday morning. The victims, identified as a 9th-grade and an 11th-grade male, were rushed to nearby hospitals and are currently in stable condition. The suspect, a 9th-grade boy with no prior disciplinary history, was apprehended by school resource officers within minutes of the incident. Local authorities have assured parents that there is no further threat to students at the school.

The incident occurred around 11:24 a.m. in the main concourse of the school, shortly after the first lunch period. School resource officers swiftly responded to the scene, detaining the suspect at gunpoint. Clearwater Chief Eric Gandy confirmed that the suspect is now in custody. The motive behind the stabbing remains unknown, and the type of knife used has not been disclosed.

Upon identifying the victims, officers immediately provided medical assistance while emergency medical services were called. Certain areas of the school have been designated as crime scenes, and students are being held in their classrooms to preserve the integrity of the investigation. Parents were promptly notified of the incident and were instructed to pick up their children early.

Superintendent Kevin Hendrick and Chief Gandy emphasized that there is no ongoing threat to the safety of students at Countryside High School. They commended the swift and unified response from law enforcement and school officials. The investigation is ongoing, with officers conducting interviews and gathering evidence. Authorities will remain on the scene for several more hours.

As the investigation continues, students have been reunited with their families, and regular school activities are expected to resume on Friday. The incident has left the community shaken, and the motive behind the stabbing remains a mystery. The focus now is on supporting the victims and their families, as well as ensuring the safety and well-being of all students at Countryside High School.