Two Good Samaritans Save Woman From Assault

Two brave individuals in Downtown Miami were recently credited with saving a woman from a horrifying situation, when an alleged kidnapper and rapist was foiled in the Brickell City Centre Mall near the Apple Store.

According to police reports, Raziel Domingo Madrigal was trying to pull down the woman’s pants and sitting on top of her on Thursday morning at around 10am.

The victim yelled in distress and attempted to push him away, while a passerby outside the bathroom ran and alerted the two strangers of the harrowing incident.

The two quickly intervened and entered the bathroom, only to find Madrigal still on top of the woman. One of the witnesses bravely kicked Madrigal in the shin and allowed the woman to escape. Furthermore, they guarded the suspect until the police came to take him into custody.

The alleged attacker is being held without bond and has yet to issue any statements. During a court hearing, Madrigal was heard saying, “All I remember is being beat up in a public restroom.”