Two Day Standoff With Shooting Suspect Ends When Suspect Takes His Own Life

After an extensive 48-hour standoff in Los Angeles County, a long-time criminal came face-to-face with the armed law enforcement that had surrounded him.

The incident began on Friday afternoon when deputies responded to calls of an assault with a deadly weapon near Wing Lane in Valinda.

Upon arrival, the suspect was already in a defensive position and opened fire on the officers. Deputies returned fire while nearby families and bystanders were evacuated.

Sheriff Robert Luna informed the press that the suspect had “dozens of rounds” and that he was suspected of using an assault rifle.

In efforts to locate and subdue the man, deputies created entry points on the suspect’s rooftop to get a better vantage point. Luna was careful to remind the public that due to the extreme threat that the suspect posed, it was necessary to take precautions that prolonged the impending capture.

At approximately 5:00 PM PST Sunday night, the suspect was found dead inside his home from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Despite the situation remaining shrouded in mystery, the incident serves as a reminder of the seriousness of law enforcement operations and the dangers that come with them. “It was an extreme threat to the community and it took much longer than anyone wanted it to,” said commander of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, John Dominico.

Although few details have been released surrounding the suspect’s criminal history, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors tweeted that the suspect had taken his own life.

The harrowing incident further emphasizes the bravery of law enforcement and the high-risk nature of their jobs to secure the safety of the public.