Two Boys 13 And 14 Arrested For Killing Stranger Who Showed Them Kindness

Battle Creek, Michigan was hit with tragedy on February 17th when 17-year-old Jack Snyder was shot and killed while driving home from his girlfriend’s residence.

Snyder had demonstrated a show of kindness by driving two teenage boys, aged 13 and 14, back home in the cold weather. Police believe the boys possessed “evil intent” when they took advantage of Snyder’s friendly gesture.

Police who arrived at the scene reported discovering Snyder’s deceased body in the road near his vehicle. Witnesses reported seeing one suspect wearing a red and black jacket with long, tangled hair, with the other consuming a black coat with white patches and a ski mask-style hat.

Authorities located a handgun nearby that may have been used in the shooting, although this remains unconfirmed until the forensic experts have analyzed the evidence.

Police officials spoke of the abundant help they had received from the community in this case, with a “significant number of tips” received by the department. In addition, cameras at multiple locations around the area had allowed authorities to “track their movements.”

After two days on the run, the suspects were apprehended on February 19. The 14-year-old was charged with felony murder, carjacking and two felony firearms charges, although there has been no public comment as to the charges against the 13-year-old suspect.

Jack Snyder was highly esteemed in the Battle Creek Central High School community, belonging to the National Honor Society, American Red Cross and Link Crew. Snyder had also been studying to become an EMT at Kellogg Community College. His beloved obituary states that he “had a zest for life and made the world a better place with his care and love for everyone.”