Two bodies in six weeks discovered in Austin’s Lady Bird Lake

The recent discovery of a second body in Lady Bird Lake has left the people of Austin in shock and spurred the city to take action.

On Saturday, March 31st, the Austin Police Department reported 33-year-old Jonathan Honey, visiting the city from Washington D.C. for a bachelor party, missing. He was last seen on Rainey Street at a food truck. The now-infamous area is home to renovated houses which have been turned into bungalow bars, and is a popular destination for many night-goers.

This tragedy is full of anguish for Elsie John, mother of Jason John, who was found in the lake in February after going missing for eight days. He was last seen leaving Rainey Street after a night out with friends, and his passing was ruled accidental; however, his mother refuses to accept this and devotes her time and energy to make sure no one else meets the same fate.

The passing of Jonathan Honey and Jason John, as well as two other similar cases connected to Rainey Street, have brought about a sense of urgency among city leaders. Answering the call, District 9 Council Member Zo Qadri installed temporary lights and fencing in the area and is already proposing a more permanent fix.

The Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office is currently investigating Jonathan Honey’s death and encourages anyone with any information to contact the Austin Police Department at 512-974-TIPS or to submit tips anonymously via the Capital Area Crime Stoppers Program.

The Rainey Street area is hoping for a longterm solution that can increase safety, but until then, the city of Austin will be working on interim measures to prevent future tragedies.